New Record "Unravel" Out Today!!

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 It's here!!!  I am so incredibly proud to share this collection of songs with you, my own take on what it means to confront, embrace, and explore vulnerability.  I feel that it is my strongest yet - I tried to push myself creatively, stylistically, and lyrically, and there is no way I could have achieved that without the help of my incredible team: John Vanderslice, the Magik*Magik Orchestra, Ian Pellicci, Jason Slota, Jesse Cafiero, Sylvain Carton, Justine Leichtling, and Shawn Alpay.  And just as importantly, I couldn't do this without all of the wonderful people taking the time to read this, listening to my music, coming out to shows, and supporting independent music.  I hope you enjoy and I always welcome your feedback!!